John Monnett Flies Electric Waiex

Not impressed by such a short video? You should be. This is John Monnett, legendary aircraft designer and founder of Sonex Aircraft, on the first flight of an electric powered Waiex. (Also mentioned at

Avgas is definitely on its way out. The aviation industry is looking at alternative fuels for current engines and new engines that run on kerosene. However, technology has progressed to the point that we can start seriously considering electric aircraft. Among many other advantages, it's just more environmentally friendly than an internal combustion engine will ever be. Make no mistake, electric aircraft are the way of the future. (Cessna is even planning on flying an electric C-172 by the end of the year.)

Sonex wants to be a leader in this initiative. They've been working their design since 2007. Being so deliberate about it says to me that they're taking things seriously and trying to generate some data that will be usable across the industry. Congratulations to Mr. Monnett and Sonex Aircraft for this historic first flight. I can't wait to watch you take your new Waiex around the pattern!