Icon Updates

The development of ICON's A5 is still going full-tilt. They've released a video of further testing that includes amphibious operations. It looks like things went pretty smoothly to me. I especially enjoyed the formation taxiing with jet skis.

ICON has been doing more than just making videos though. They have a long list of updates. They're doing stall testing, they've demonstrated salt water operations, they've partnered with Audi and JetBlue for advertising, and they've opened up an online apparel store.

I've already been singing praises of ICON for a while. There's not much more to say for now; I'm looking forward to seeing some A5s flying.

In case you haven't heard it before, Wired, has a great video where ICON founder Kirk Hawkins explains what the A5 is all about. I've included that video here...enjoy.