Avidyne ADS-B Deals Beat FAA Rebate

I recently wrote that the FAA is offering a $500 rebate for 20,000 aircraft owners to install ADS-B in their aircraft. That's a great deal, but there is more than a little headache involved. The program doesn't even start for a couple months, you have to run through a bunch of Federales Against Aviation brand red tape, and it's sort of a lottery - there's no guarantee you'll actually be selected for this program. Thankfully, our neighborhood avionics company Avidyne has an even better offer.

Avidyne is offering their own $500 rebate to install ADS-B equipment now (through 30 September 2016) without all of those other strings attached!

Even better, they'll allow you to combine this offer with a separate promotion that they call their Free SkyTrax 100 deal. This promotion will give you a fancy ADS-B In receiver (the SkyTrax 100) for free if you buy an IFD440 (their panel-mounted IFR GPS equivalent to a GNS-430 or GTN-650) and an AXP340 (their ADS-B Out compliant transponder.) They value the SkyTrax 100 at $2,499...which is a lot of hardware to give away for free. It will cost you though. Buying the IFD440 and AXP340 together will cost you upwards of $15,000...not counting associated parts or installation costs. That's a huge investment, but if you're planning on doing it anyway this is a great time to go ahead.

If you really want the advantages of ADS-B In only, but can't afford to pursue options like the SkyTrax 100 (with or without Avidyne's other deals) I highly recommend you consider a Stratux! A good-hearted aviator figured out a way to use off-the-shelf components to build an open source ADS-B In receiver yourself for about $100. It's a small amount of work, but the benefits are absolutely worth it. You can also buy a fully-assembled version as the Open Flight Solutions FlightBox for less than $250. Either way, it gives you most of the capability of the SkyTrax 100 for 5-10% of the price.