Preparing for the Logbook Battle Royale

Update 8 Nov 16: It's on! Click here to read the full Logbook Battle Royale!

People frequently ask me what electronic logbook program/app I recommend. Unfortunately, as a computer geek, I've been unable to recommend any of them because I just made my own years ago. Thankfully, mobile computing and the cloud have reached the point where the logbook apps available offer far more capability than anything I can do in MS Excel or even Access. So, I'm going to host an Electronic Logbook Battle Royale. I'm going to do a head-to-head comparison of the most popular logbook apps out there. (So far these include: mccPilotLog, LogTen Pro X, Logbook Pro, MyFlightbook, and Safelog)

I need your input though! Do you know of a good app? Tell me so I can make sure to include it. (If you have time, let me know what you think of it too.)

Equally important: what features do you want in an electronic logbook? I'll at least evaluate them on the criteria listed below. However, I need to know if you have other important criteria not listed here:

  • Ability to import data from MS Excel
  • Ability to export the logbook (to Excel or another program)
  • Ability to import data directly from your airline's corporate logging system
  • Purchase price
  • Subscription price
  • Free trial?
  • Operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Ability to use custom columns (ie. "FAA PIC" and "Airline PIC")
  • Ability for instructors/examiners to sign endorsements in the app
  • Cloud/Sync capabilities
  • Number of devices allowed per account
  • General user interface, ease of data entry
  • Customizability (custom views, sort/query data)
  • Ability to print a paper copy of the logbook (and appearance of this product)
  • Currency tracking/alerts/notifications