Before this article begins it needs to be made abundantly clear that the information and the story itself are of dubious origins. The point being made is a relevant one, it's just the way it's being spread and how it came about that have the old B.S. meter kinda pegged. The journey begins with a letter to the online magazine the Consumerist, claiming a brush with the law after a flight where an attendant asked him to power off his iPhone. What makes the article interesting is just how unclear things actually are.

A380 Superjumbo delivered

The Superjumbo Airbus A380 marked it's debut with delivery of the first aircraft to Singapore Airlines. The 525 seat aircraft has been surrounded by delays causing its parent company some heartburn. Production for the jet is set to ramp up to 40 aircraft a year by 2010, with a total of 13 planes set to go out the door next year. The inaugural flight is going to take place on the 25th of October between Singapore and Sydney. This marks light at the end of a long tunnel for Airbus who won't break even on the aircraft until they've sold 420 airplanes, a long way from the 189 orders already taken.

Sukhoi Rolls Out First Superjet 100

What would you get if the premier fighter jet designer in the US, Lockheed-Martin, decided to produce a regional jet? Perhaps something similar to the Superjet 100...produced by the premier fighter jet designer in the Russian Federation, Sukhoi.

When Charters Compete You Win

It seems like you can't go anywhere in aviation these days without hearing about Virgin. From Space tourism to sponsoring around the world flight, they seem to have their hands in everything. Well now you can potentially add one more thing to the list, the charter business. Virgin Charter, a "beta" project from the Virgin parent company is attempting to put a different spin on how you book travel on chartered aircraft.

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