Geared Turbofan - Ticket to the Big Time for P&W?

When I think airline engines only two names come to mind: Pratt & Whitney and General Electric. Although they have a huge military market, P&W has been suffering in the commercial airline market in recent years. According to the Wall Street Journal, P&W's new PurePower PW1000G geared turbofan engine may be what it takes for them to break back into this market.

My Next Flying Job

I need to get myself a couple type! A friend just sent me an article about Nick Popovich and his company, Sage-Popovich Inc. What do they do? Repossess aircraft...big 747s.

Northwest Pilots Cut a Deal

In case you forgot about the two Northwest Airlines pilots who overflew their destination by 150 miles, read our post about it here. According to, the pilots of that aircraft have cut a deal with the FAA. They won't protest the revocation of their licenses. In return, they can apply for new ones in 10 months instead of 12.

Green Aviation Might Get a New Look

If these winglets weren't being developed by API, I would probably think they're a joke. However, I don't remember the last time I saw a 737 without a set of winglets designed by Aviation partners Inc. This picture, posted on, is of a Falcon 50 with new '“spiroid” loop-shaped wing tip devices.'

Your Chance to Input on Airline Pilot Qualifications/Safety!

I recently wrote about Colgan Air Flight 3407's tragic accident. Although Colgan themselves seem to think they're fine and it's good enough to blame their pilots, the FAA has thankfully taken a better approach. As mentioned by the AOPA, the FAA has issued "an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM)" about airline pilot qualifications. As I see it, the document is basically saying, "We know something is wrong and we want to fix it, but we're not 100% sure how to start. Here are some ideas, please let us know what you think."

What an opportunity for us! Whether you hope to fly for a living under the policies that will come out of this, or you just want to make sure you are safe as an airline passenger, this is the best chance you'll ever get to put in your two cents on how airline pilot qualifications should work.

Wine Necklace?

Ok, so this probably doesn't qualify as good aviation news or even marginal news for that matter but if you've spent any time in the back of an airliner you know this publication well. Yup, SkyMall home to some of the most ridiculous items I've ever seen. Some so ridiculous that they bear mention in a top 35 listing from the folks at BuzzFeed. My personal favorite is the wine necklace, because I never want that glass of vino too far away when I'm typing... hiccup...

The State of the Regionals...

We were all troubled this February when Flight 3407, run by Colgan Air, crashed killing all on board. As near as we can tell it happened due to tail plane icing...a less-familiar problem that requires counter-intuitive recovery procedures. An important result of the accident investigation is national focus on life for regional airline pilots. People are starting to look at the training, schedules and procedures used by the regionals. We stand to learn a lot from these investigations and lawmakers are brewing some legislation to apply these lessons. Unfortunately though, Colgan Air seems to be ignoring safety issues and blaming the pilots they failed to take care of.

InFlight WiFi Has Arrived

I used to be a non believer... I honestly didn't think that major airlines would be able to get their acts together enough to implent a decent inflight connectivity service. Yet here I am posting to my website while cruising coast to coast on Virgin American! They might not be a major player, but they're certainly going to make the majors sit up and take notice. As I look around at least 10 people within the rows close to my own are surfing on laptops, and that doesn't account for the folks like myself hacking on phones or PDA's. The service is quick enough not to be frustrating and my email and tweetdeck accounts are syncing every bit as quickly as they do over 3G. So I say to you inflight wifi worth using has arrived! Now let's talk about how much I would pay for it...

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