Get your crap outta the seatback?

Here's a curveball for all you frequent fliers out there, looks like airlines are cracking down on what you can put in your seatback pocket. The New York Times ran an article after their editor was cautioned against putting anything "personal" in the seatback pockets. I wasn't aware that this was an issue, and I certainly haven't been on any flights where the crew made a mention of it. Anyone else heard of this going on?

Airline Fees Illustrated

The current state of the various airline user fees can be confusing. Especially for those of us who don't fly often... enter this handy chart from It's got everything you need from baggage to in flight wifi. Give it a look before you book those summer tickets... might save you a couple of bucks!!

Lunching Large

This 747 is one of a number of dining spots covered in this Dark Roasted Blend article on converted aircraft. The pictures show just how awkward these aircraft seem shoehorned into their new environments. Despite the probably questionable food, I think I'd still stop in for a quick bite. How bout you?

Airline WiFi May Be Catching On

Over a year ago, Ted wrote about airlines starting to offer wifi service on their planes. Back then, it was as much an experiment as anything. However, it looks as if that might be changing.

An Airline for Our Friends

Air travel with pets has never been easy; and the conditions in the cargo hold of a large jet aren't ideal for animals. As the airlines find new ways to nickel and dime their customers, it's getting even more painful to take our pets when we travel. Thankfully though, a Wall Street Journal article lead me to a new airline that is on track to start making this situation a lot better. Introducing Pet Airways, a pet-only airline that intends to transport our friends across the country, in the cabin with specialized pet-attendants.

JetBlue Stirs the Pot

There's been a lot of drama out there about business aviation lately. Discount airline JetBlue has taken advantage of the drama by releasing an ad campaign that pokes fun at corporate CEOs and invites them to use JetBlue for their business travel. As a person who considers sarcasm to be a higher form of humor, I really enjoyed watching their videos. However, at least one organization, the Alliance for Aviation Across America (AAAA), had a pretty good retort to JetBlue's ads:

Luggage Roast

Nope, this isn't the latest NY city restaurant craze it's some poor woman's luggage. I've fallen victim to a number of baggage mishaps myself, but nothing quite this extreme. The bag in question was placed next to the exhaust of a baggage conveyor, once the conveyor kicked on the bag eventually went up in smoke. United has since paid the woman for her loss, and hopefully updated their procedures to ensure no future incidents... Marshmallows anyone?

US Airways Flight 1549 Air Audio Podcast

Avweb posted a podcast of the ATC communications during US Airways Flight 1549's famous Hudson River landing a couple weeks ago. The crew did an outstanding job and saved the lives of everyone on the plane. The podcast is a pretty good listen and only 6 minutes long.

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