Nobody's Perfect...

"Hangar Rash" seems like a pretty common ailment among general aviation aircraft. I usually think of it in terms of trainers that have endured 20 or 30 years of hard work and hard love. Even my new plane came with a tiny spot of hangar rash on the underside of it's right wing. It turns out that GA aircraft aren't the only ones in danger though. has a story today about a pair of Qantas Airways 747s that were damaged today during ground handling.

Speed Tape Use #385

You probably caught this in the national media, but I just couldn't resist... United flight 645 from Puerto Rico to New York was an interesting place to be on Friday. One of the passengers had a little bit too much to drink and proceeded to do what drunk folks on airplanes usually do... make an ass out of themselves. After slapping a flight attendant on the "bottom", the female passenger was restrained using ankle cuffs. When those didn't hold her, the resourceful crew was forced to use speed tape to hold her down. This officially makes speed tape the single most useful product on the planet...

Where not to go on a first date

A Detroit man was arrested earlier this week for sneaking his girlfriend onto an aircraft. The man is, or should I say was, employed as a cleaner working for Prospect Airport Services. He badged in his girlfriend en route to cleaning a Delta aircraft late in the evening. The pair were discovered by security cameras and detained by airport police.

Hey, at least they were caught right? Hopefully before they were able to join the "0" MSL club.

One Way Trip

While you probably don't want to plan any trips on this airline, it's interesting to note that it does a pretty good business. The U.S. department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement flew 76,102 passengers this past fiscal year. This represents an increase of about 4,000 passengers from FY07, and a whopping 20,000 from FY06. That's pretty good considering they're all one-way trips back to their countries of origin. The airline is affectionately reffered to as ICE air, and it operates about 10 aircraft flying to something like 190 countries. With passenger growth like that it's too bad you can't invest...

What are the Odds?

Michael Masnick at Techdirt stumbled on an interesting development in the airline market. A gambling establishment out of Ireland called Paddy Power was offering odds on who the next major airline to fold would be. Apparently Scottish airline took issue with chances, prompting them to send some sort of threat to the bookie. We won't touch the idea of whether or not that was legal, however, it does point to decreasing consumer confidence in the airlines abroad.

Get out and Push is reporting that a Chinese budget airline asked passengers on a recent flight to get out and push. The CRJ700 had a hydraulic problem and couldn't make it the last leg to the gate. And you thought that $50 dollars to check a bag was a pain...

Sleeping Pilots Get Suspended

And fired as it turns out... Captain Scott Oltman and FO Dillon Shepley recieved 60 and 45 day suspensions, respectively, from the FAA for their part in the February overflight of the Hawaiian island of Hilo. Controllers were unable to raise the aircraft for about 20 minutes, and it was later discovered that both the Captain and the FO were asleep. Go! airlines fired both pilots in April...

The End of Airline Travel?

One of the techie blogs I frequent had an interesting post pointing to an article in The New Republic asserting that the "end" is near for the airline industry. While I think the outlook may in fact be bleak, I don't subscribe to the overall theme. The airline industry does seem to be going through a period of self-correction, however, I don't believe we're going to see the widespread collapse advertised there.

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