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iPhone + Kneeboard = Thiphone

The person who thought this up had to be a pilot, that or a serious rally driver... It's probably really handy for running checklist's, I just don't think it's worth $30 to me. Does anybody have any homebrew solutions to the iPhone slipping off the kneeboard problem?

Best Office Chair in the World

Most of us aren't lucky enough to cruise around in an ejection seat all day... that is, until now. Check out this work of art, complete with red upholstery. It's made from a B-52 ejection seat, although I doubt that red was the original color. Makes me feel like going fast just looking at it...

Square Your Aircraft Search

Google launched their "squared" search offering today, putting the spin of a spreadsheet on your web surfing. The launch didn't make waves in the aviation community, but it's one helluva useful tool for comparing things. Try searching aircraft and adding categories like length, width and height. The resulting search lists all types of aircraft that you can then narrow to those you'd like to compare.

Hey Airventure!! Where's the iPhone App?

EAA's aviation spectacular known as Airventure to some and as Oshkosh to the veterans, can be an overwhelming experience for even the most seasoned show-goers. Enter my personal favorite new media platform, the iPhone... I know you're thinking ENOUGH with the iPhone already but hear me out. The Coachella music festival had their own iPhone app that provided show times, maps and a friend finder tool that allowed you to navigate the crowds to find your buddies.

Borescope on the cheap...

A borescope seems like a handy thing to have in your hangar. Even if you're not a certified mechanic, having the ability to look into those hard to reach corners of your airplane will probably prove useful. 64 bucks doesn't exactly break the bank either... You do have the added complexity of needing to hook it up to a computer, but you could record videos there for later analysis.

Airline WiFi May Be Catching On

Over a year ago, Ted wrote about airlines starting to offer wifi service on their planes. Back then, it was as much an experiment as anything. However, it looks as if that might be changing.

Ultimate Speed Tape

There's more than one joke about airplanes and duct tape, but this new product from 3M called "Performance Plus" will make you want to replace that old roll you've got stashed in the baggage area. Dubbed "nuclear grade" by some, this new Performance Plus product boasts 200 degree temprature ratings and clean removal after up to 6 months of use. No more scrubbing that residue off you paint job. Check it out and let us know what you think. Bonus points to the best duct tape story.

PilotWiz for the iPhone

The app store for the iPhone is awash in ridiculous apps, from farting to flashlights it's increasingly difficult to navigate the crap and find something useful. There are a number of great apps though, and PilotWiz is one of them. It has everything you need to replace your E6B in a pinch. Conversions, crosswinds and a time/speed/distance calculator are all wrapped in an easy to use interface. In addition, the developers included a graphical weight and balance calculator along with the ability to back your data up via email. The app is free with the option to upgrade and support future development... check it out by searching for PilotWiz in the iPhone app store. You'll be glad you did!!

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