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WiFi Update for Oshkosh

EAA has issued a press release updating the WiFi plan for campers at this years Airventure extravaganza. If you've attended in past years you've probably noticed that the coverage left a little something to be desired. This year you've got a heads up though, so take that into account when you're staking out your space.

Need Something to Read?

If you're looking for some other places to grab some good Aviation related gouge you should definitely check out our feeds page. We've got some great web resources there, so stop by and take a look. Also if you've got tips on some other places to go give us a shout.

The DUAT System Goes Mobile

There's a new resource out there for those of you addicted to those Smart Phones and Blackberry's. Just what you needed was another gadget right? Well this one actually seems like it might help some folks out. We've mentioned before the the new flight service system is having some problems, and this tool seems to make it easier to circumvent the need to call.

Wiki Aircraft Identification

As we write our articles we try to provide you, the readers, with the best research and relevant information possible. In that spirit you've probably seen quite a few links going out to wikipedia for some of the aircraft we mention. For those of you that don't know, wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that has the benefit/detriment of being edited by the community. We like it because it's free and comprehensive, however, using the information within the articles as pure fact can be dangerous.

Weather Updates Via Text Message

If you're one of those people who likes to be on top of the weather, or maybe you're wondering if you should make that flight this afternoon here's an easy way to get weather updates on your cell phone.

What we're going to do is step you through getting updates from the National Weather Service via a fun tool called RSS (really simple syndication). This method will work with any site that publishes information via RSS (including this one). So here's the steps...

1. Go to this link and find the RSS feed for your airport/area of interest. Select your state and a list of observation points pops up. Under the column marked RSS click on the orange "XML" button.

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