Flying formation with a Sopwith Camel

I stumbled across this video with some details about flying the Sopwith Camel and some great video footage of a Spitfire flying form off a Camel. Check it out!

Cartoons and Airplanes, A Match Made in Heaven

I just came across a video that is guaranteed to please just about any pilot out there...and kids might even like it too. Air Show Buzz has released the first full episode of their new cartoon, Mike Da Mustang. It's about a group of animated aircraft and friends and does a great job showing how much fun flying can be. It has some other morals in there might pick them up while enjoying Mike's antics.

Thanks ASB and great work!

Franklin's Flying Circus

This is a great comedy act coming at you courtesy of Franklin's Flying Circus. Check out their website for plenty of other unique acts, including pirate wingwalking!

Airventure Withdrawal

Solar Impulse Flies!

The Solar Impulse project experienced a major victory on Thursday when their enormous aircraft flew for the first time! Although it was just a 350 meter "flea hop" at a height of one meter (well within ground effect,) it validated all the engineering work that Bertrand Piccard's team has been putting in over the last 6 years.

Badass Experimental

The Bear 360 exploded onto the experimental aircraft scene at this years Airventure. A combination of styles this warbird 'esque creation takes inspiration from both the P-51 and Bearcat. The radial engine screams Cat while the laminar flow wing is Mustang all the way.

Designed to be a meet both Russian and U.S. military standards this partnership between Sergei Yakolev, and Skip Holm looks to be a whole lot of fun. 360 horses, 210 knot cruise and a 180 degree/second roll rate mean it's got more than enough to keep me interested. Of course I was hooked at radial engine...

Alaska Bush Flying in HD

Thanks to Jim for pointing out this spectacular HD trailer for "Alaska's Bush Pilots...The Real Deal." Jim has his own show on The Discovery Channel, and from the looks of the video he really knows what he's doing. Check it out and look for it on DVD soon!

Spectacular U2 Video

The U2 is an amazing flying machine, equal parts glider and jet fighter it's capable of flying high enough to touch the lower bounds of space. This video takes you along on a ride to altitude and gives you a taste of the special challenges all U2 pilots face.

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