Martin Jetpack Video

For those of you that may have missed the Martin Jetpack demo at Airventure.


Not sure that this qualifies exactly as an LSA... but I'm pretty sure it meets the weight requirement.

Moose Creek Takeoff

Sorry your weekend video is late... But here's a nice shot of Moose Creek Idaho. Enjoy!!!

Cessna vs. Edna

Cessna has produced a video that looks to be a shot across the bow of the airline industry. They're taking aim at the Airline Transport Association (ATA) and their new spokeswoman Edna. The ATA has been defending their stance against corporate aviation with the finger wagging and bee hive wearing Edna. She claims that corporate aviation isn't paying a their fair share for the air traffic system, however, she fails to mention that the hub and spoke system is broken... but we didn't expect them to admit that now did we.

Beware of Jet Blast

I'm glad this is just a demo...

Here's How to Get to Your Favorite Fishing Hole

Fly Rod... Check, Hip Waders... Check, Remote Fishing Hole... Check, Piper Super Cub... Check.

Wet Takeoff

The last thing I expected to see in this video was the aircraft coming out on the other side... I don't know much of the history on this one but I'm betting the flight crew has a tough time buying their own beer to this day.

Now this is Extreme!!!

This is a ridiculous stunt, I'm very curious about the drag chute they used to slow the plane down. Not quite sure how they rigged it up. These guys are nuts...

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