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Stafford County, VA - They Had to Debate Lowering Airport Taxes?

The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star reports today that Stafford County, Virginia, has lowered it's personal property tax on aircraft from $3 per $100 of aircraft value to 1 penny per $100. This affects aircraft at the county's Stafford Regional Airport. Good work county supervisors, you made a smart decision!

I have a few questions though: why wasn't this done long ago, why did you have to debate the matter at all, and why is there still any opposition?

Obama on Aviation

Evan Sparks over at the aptly named Evan Spark's Aviation Policy Blog has a pretty good summary of Senator Obama's aviation policy. We'll be sure to follow up when Evan gets a hold of the same summary from Senator McCain. Drop by and take the time to make an informed decision!!!

Some Effects of Washington DC ADIZ Extended for 60 Miles

The AOPA wrote yesterday about a new rule relating to the Washington DC ADIZ. This rule requires any pilot who flies VFR within 60 nm of the ADIZ boundaries to take a mandatory training course. Apparently, this includes 117 airports and 142,000 cubic miles of airspace. Are you a student pilot at an airport 90 miles West of Washington who plans to never get anywhere near the ADIZ? You'd better get your training done, or else. Do you fly gliders 90 miles North of Washington and always work further North or West? Too bad, you have to complete the training as well.

NASA Form 277B

I know many of us, in our initial training, were introduced to the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), but in the intervening two to twenty years, some of us may have forgotten exactly how powerful a resource the Aviation Safety program is.

New Rule Lets Medicals Last Longer

The ANN and AOPA are both reporting the great news that the duration of pilot medical certificates has been extended for pilots under 40 years old. First class medicals now last 12 monts and third class medicals are good for 60 months. Is yours already expired? Don't worry...if the original issue date was within those limits your medical grandfathered back into effect.

House Unanimously Passes Air Safety Bill

I've been concerned lately by the FAA's actions regarding airline inspections. I was glad to see Congressman James Oberstar calling them out, but had begun to worry that he was all talk and no action. Thankfully, the House of Representatives has given me reason to worry less. The Washington Post reports that not only did they recently pass an Air Safety Bill sponsored by Congressmen Oberstar and John Mica, they passed it with a unanimous vote!

AA Airline Inspections: Common Sense or Special Treatment?

Ben Mutzabaugh, a USA Today blogger, reported today that American Airlines has 35 Airbus A-300 aircraft with wiring that is not in compliance with FAA regulations. Since the last time an issue like this arose (with American Airlines' MD-80 aircraft) the entire US air transport system fell into chaos for about a week, the FAA has approved an "alternative compliance timetable" for the airline to get these fixes done. (The aircraft will keep flying, while a couple jets at a time cycle through the maintenance facility.)

Temporary Restraining Order Protects Santa Monica Airport

Late last year, the Santa Monica city council voted to ban category C and D aircraft from using their muicipal airport. As far as anyone in the Aviation industry can tell, this statute is completely illegal and thankfully, as the LA Times reports, a district judge has issued a restraining order that forbids the city from enforcing that ordinance pending review.

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