News and discussion on new FAA regulations.

E-LSA Registration Deadline Approaching!

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has a great article about flying powered parachutes. I'll get to the article in a second, but first it's important to note per 14 CFR 21.191(i)(1) an existing power parachute or other ultralight that qualifies as an experimental light sport aircraft (E-LSA) must be inspected and registered with the FAA before January 31st or it will never be legal to fly again.

NASA Study Released... Now Try and Read It

Well it looks like the much anticipated NASA aviation safety report (NAOM report as it's being called) is now out in the open. ANN and some others are a little skeptical of the report, citing the fact that there were no instructions issued with the report allowing for the correct and useful interpretation of the results. The New York Times is even reporting that the data may have been intentionally scrambled.

Court Strikes Down Anti-Aviation Tax!

In 2005, the city of Hartford tried to levy a tax against occupants of several hangars at state-owned Brainard Airport. According to, the occupants took the city to court and won; however, the city continued with appeals until the state Supreme Court recently upheld the earlier ruling.

This is great news for the hangars' occupants as the tax would have effectively doubled the cost of parking their aircraft. The city of Hartford appears to have wasted a great deal of tax money while continuing to fight this issue.

Going Too Far?

This summer, American aviators found out that Maine enacted tax laws essentially charging a 5% sales tax on any plane under a year old that spends more than 20 days in the state. (Click to hear a podcast of an interview with Stephen of Maine's victims.)

Airline Retirement Age Now 65

USA Today reports that congress yesterday approved an increase in the mandatory retirement age of airline pilots to 65. This is a change that the pilots have been wanting for years, and it shouldn't hurt the airlines either. The bill isn't officially law yet, but it looks like it'll make it all the way through.

Passenger Health Growing Concern for Airlines

Today's Telegraph includes a story about British Parliament considering an increase in the minimum leg room required between seats on British airlines. Also under consideration is a reduction of taxes on "economy plus" type seats. The House of Lords Science Committee is recommending these and other changes out of concern for the safety of airline passengers.

Santa Monica Trying to Ban Jets

The Santa Monica city council has made a somewhat confusing decision: They voted to approve an ordinance banning category C and D aircraft (such as the Gulfstream IV, Challenger and Citation X) from using its runway.

More Background Checks for Aviation Workers

USA Today recently reported that background checks for aviation workers, once taken care of by the FAA, will now be conducted by TSA. The TSA terrorist watch list is larger than the FAA's and the checks will re-occur every time new names are added to the list. As an occasional airline passenger, I like the idea of increased safety.

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