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Snag a Fun Side-Job and Save the (Pilot) World!

Ladies and Gentlemen, AOPA needs presenters for their Rusty Pilot program...and you can be one of them!

The Rusty Pilot program is aimed at getting pilots who haven't flown in a while excited about aviation again. It seeks to help them brush up on their pilot general knowledge, complete a BFR, and get back into flying. It very wisely tries to coordinate this effort with flying clubs or other organizations so that returning pilots will have a built-in group of flying buddies for support and camaraderie. It's a great thing.

Military Pilot - Why Should I Get My CFI?

For a long time, military pilots have been able to obatin an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate by presenting proof of passing a military check ride in an aircraft of any given category and class (and type if applicable.) Several years ago, the FAA approved a long-overdue decision to grant military instructor pilots a free CFI rating under a similar rule. (For reference, the approval for both cases is specified in 14 CFR 61.73(g).) This is a huge benefit for military pilots! A CFI add-on costs civilians thousands of dollars at places like ATP Flight School.

Military IPs: Renew Your CFI by Mail!

A few years ago, the FAA updated 14 CFR 61.73 allowing military Instructor Pilots to get or renew a CFI ticket by taking a single written exam and presenting the results along with proof of a military IP rating. (In the USAF the supporting document is a Form 8.) This is a great deal for military IPs and was really long overdue.

FAA Knowledge Test Prep

I don’t know about you, but I like to be sure I am going to pass any test before I sign up to spend my time, and more importantly, my money, to take one. So in my history of taking FAA knowledge exams, I have relied heavily on practice tests online to rehearse for the big day. We all have purchased the different well know publishers prep books but I’d like to share a couple of my favorite websites.

Resolve To Be More Creative

I've never been great at thinking of New Years resolutions, in fact I typically forget to resolve to accomplish anything at all. So when I stumbled on this list of possible resolutions from the Aviation Mentor I was inspired. Well maybe inspired is a too strong of a word, at the very least I was motivated to point them out to you. They've got some great links in the article to training resources and articles worth reading. Take a look and let us know what you're resolving to do this year.

Online Training

I'm sure many of you are having "cabin fever" and are itching to get out of the house and go fly. As luck would have it I have done a little bit of searching around the internet and found some educational websites to help keep your flying mind sharp even when you are weathered out.

As many of you who frequently surf the internet know there are literally thousands of aviation websites at your fingertips. The question you have to ask yourself is what do you want to know about? Initially I recommend looking around www.aopa.org as well as www.eaa.org. These two websites alone have thousands of articles, movies, as well as multitudes of interactive media that is very user friendly to work with. At AOPA’s website you can even earn FAA Wings credit for some of their online courses.

More Background Checks for Aviation Workers

USA Today recently reported that background checks for aviation workers, once taken care of by the FAA, will now be conducted by TSA. The TSA terrorist watch list is larger than the FAA's and the checks will re-occur every time new names are added to the list. As an occasional airline passenger, I like the idea of increased safety.

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