Flight Training

Ever wanted to be weightless?

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? ever wanted to experience weightlessness? Well a company in Florida, Zero G, can make your dream come true. Ok so they won't put you in space, but their modified airliner will give you a chance to experience brief bouts of weightlessness.

Now the experience isn't cheap, but for just over $5000 you can saddle up for a few short minutes of weightlessness. However they are an excellent option for movies and researcher and just the curious to experience a true zero gravity moment. Now to figure out how to do the same thing in the Champ!

That Pilot Stuff...

When I think of learning to be a pilot, I think of stick and rudder type tasks. The more I learn though, the more I'm (pleasantly) surprised to realize there is a lot more to it than that. Some of those things include: what food to take on a long flight, the good and bad ways to keep the sun out of my eyes, and how to breathe. It sounds a little funny, but some of the fun parts of being a pilot include learning how to take care of the simpler things in life...while flying an airplane.

I recently got to attend some training in an altitude chamber at Tyndall AFB. It served as a good reminder of some of that basic pilot stuff I've learned...and helped me remember why it's important to re-learn some of that stuff every once in a while.

Let's Go Flying!

For aspiring or yet un-recruited pilots out there, it can be tough to take that first step toward becoming a pilot. I recently wrote about PilotJourney.com, a new website designed to help future pilots overcome that obstacle.

It turns out, they aren't the only ones trying to help out the future generations of pilots. The AOPA has been working on a similar website for a year or so. They've finally come up with a finished product, and it's a very well-done website. If someone you know needs more information about how and why to become a pilot, be sure to direct him or her to AOPA's Let's Go Flying.com.

So, Where is There to Fly Around Here?

Being in the military, I find myself asking this question every year or two when I move to a new town. Every time it happens, I wish I could just find a good website online that will give this information. Thanks to a new website, my problem has been solved. Stop by PilotJourney.com and see how.

Stayin Sharp with Streaming ATC

Looking for something to listen to at work besides that shiny new iPhone? Check out 4vfr.com and www.liveatc.com for some live streaming control tower feeds. Part of a commitment to stay sharp in the cockpit requires a little bit of study done away from the airport. These sites both fit nicely into that niche by allowing you to follow the high speed chatter at your favorite busy hub. Try picking up an arriving or departing flight and follow them through the various stages from approach all the way through to the ramp. If you've got a favorite stream that we didn't include, please point it out in the comments.

The Perfect Romantic Getaway

One of my favorite acts at the show was Greg Koontz. First, he pretended to be a non-pilot going for a ride in a J-3 when the plane "accidentally" took off. He spent the next 15 minutes putting on a very controlled show of being out of control. Finally, deciding that it would be "too difficult" to land on the runway, he landed the plane on a platform welded to the top of a Dodge Ram moving down the runway. It was awesome!

Then, he appeared a few acts later in his bright red Super Decathlon and put on an excellent aerobatic performance. At the end of his display, the announcer mentioned that Greg gives tailwheel and aerobatic instruction at his fly-in bed and breakfast, the Sky Country Lodge.

UND Receives VLJ

Cessna recently announced that they delivered a Citation Mustang to the University of North Dakota (UND) last week. The aircraft is to be used for executive travel and flight training to undergraduate and contract students.

Shake off those cobwebs...

If you're like me you've probably been using the poor winter weather as an excuse to avoid the airfield... I'm not a huge fan of flying when I can't feel my fingers, so let's just say it's been a little while. AOPA has a nice little training aid for those of us falling into this category. They're flashcards that you can print out and customize for your favorite airplane. Just what the CFI ordered to get you back on top of your game, and ready for that beautiful spring flying weather.

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