Flight Training

Famous Pilot Saved by Remembering the Basics

Signonsandiego.com reports that Dick Rutan made a successful emergency landing in a C-150 on Tuesday morning. Reasons for the forced landing are unclear. The Sign quotes Rutan as saying a cylinder blew while San Bernardino's The Sun suggests an oil leak.

Air Safety Humor

Using humor as an effective teaching tool isn't exactly a new approach, but we've got to hand it to the AOPA for coming up with this one. They've recently launched a couple of web based PSA's, poking fun at general aviation's fuel mismanagement problems. The video's are pretty good, and I've got to say I wasn't aware that fuel mismanagement resulted in 3 GA aircraft crashes/week. Their aim is to reach the pilot's that otherwise might not take the time to attend the traditional safety seminars or classes where this type of issue might be discussed. I'm not sure that the web will reach those pilots either, but I applaud the effort.

Inspiring Youth

AOPA's Air Safety Foundation has announced that executive director Bruce Landsberg is heading up a project to inspire youth to pursue careers in aviation. In conjunction with the FAA and Build A Plane, Landsberg will be showing high school aged youth how to pursue aviation related hobbies and careers. Students in the program can expect to learn about science, technology, engineering and of course mathematics.

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

A 1200 shp turbine engine, 30,000 foot ceiling, Vne of 236 KIAS, a full fuel range of nearly 2000 nm, capable of operating from as little as 1800 feet of dirt (with an obstacle), seating for up to 9 passengers and/or capacity for almost anything you can get in the giant cargo door. The
Pilatus PC-12 is a lot of airplane!

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