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South African Manufacturers Step Up to the Plate

The 4-place piston market is seeing some innovation and technological advances. However, many of them rely on engine technology that doesn't seem to have much room for growth and a few of them are incredibly expensive. A couple of South African companies have come up with a home-grown 4-place piston plane that could potentially make a big break into the piston market around the world. The aircraft is the SA Ravin 500 and the motor is the Adept Airmotive 320T.

Now Is A Good Time To Buy Diamonds

Diamond Aircraft as a solid line of aircraft and a history of coming up with some interesting deals. This year, they have a new offer out for an unspecified "limited time." They'll match a down payment on a DA-20, DA-40 or DA-42 up to 10% the price of the aircraft and throw in Garmin Synthetic Vision for free.

This is a pretty impressive deal, especially in a down economy. When you combine the value of the avionics upgrade, a 10% discount and bonus depreciation on a new plane, there probably hasn't been a better time to buy a Diamond Aircraft.

TCM Engine Discount!!

I just got a press release from Teledyne Continental Motors giving us a heads up that they're offering a discount on many of their engines through the completion of the AOPA Summit. If you take advantage of their offer you can save upwards of $2,500 on some of the most popular engines in TCM's lineup. The offer even includes a $2,000 savings on the venerable O-200, while not the lightweight version, this little engine has made it's was into quite a few light sport aircraft.

Clean your plane... or else

Or else the local bear is going to smell that fish you forgot to clean out of the cargo compartment in your Super Cub and poke a couple of holes in your plane while trying to find it. I picked these pictures up from a couple of our avid readers and couldn't help but show them off. The damage is extensive, but doesn't seem structural. I must say though, popping the tires was just downright mean.

Free IFR Plates!!!

Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially free stuff that we would normally pay good money for. Even better, stuff for free that we would normally pay good money for that we can use for flying! John Baute got tired of two things, carrying around a suitcase full of paper IFR charts and approach plates, and paying for printed charts and plates (every couple of months when they expire) when the information is free from the FAA. To solve both problems, John started

Airplane stealing Barefoot Bandit

An 18 year old thief named Colton Harris-Moore is accused by police of a laundry list of crimes including the plane jacking of 3 aircraft. He has developed a cult following by those who believe he is an innocent thief and he has been coined the “barefoot” bandit . However Pat Gardiner, one of the victims from whom the barefoot bandit stole a Cessna 182, has pointed out that the outlaw’s antics have narrowly avoided killing him and others. When he stole Pat Gardiner’s 182 he flew until running out of fuel and then crashed into a field.

Badass Experimental

The Bear 360 exploded onto the experimental aircraft scene at this years Airventure. A combination of styles this warbird 'esque creation takes inspiration from both the P-51 and Bearcat. The radial engine screams Cat while the laminar flow wing is Mustang all the way.

Designed to be a meet both Russian and U.S. military standards this partnership between Sergei Yakolev, and Skip Holm looks to be a whole lot of fun. 360 horses, 210 knot cruise and a 180 degree/second roll rate mean it's got more than enough to keep me interested. Of course I was hooked at radial engine...

A J-3 Cub at 23MPH?

Flying a J-3 cub with the windows down, low and slow is one of those truly unique pilot experiences. Doing this at 23mph, however, takes a little bit of creativity and some vortex generators from Micro Aero. This newly released VG kit costs about $700 and can be installed in about a day by an inexperienced mechanic. They've done extensive testing and it looks like the only drawback is having to be careful when you wash the wings. They make kits for multiple different types of aircraft, so check them out and let us know if you've used their kits before!!

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