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Cash for Clunker Airplanes

The car industry recently experienced the economic boom that resulted from the US government, cash for clunkers rebate program to increase the consumer purchase of new, fuel efficient cars. The program had two major benefits for the American economy. First, it gave a shot of adrenaline into the body of the car industry in an attempt to boost car sales and help pull the major US (though the program was not limited to US brands) car companies away from the black hole of bankruptcy and to boost the economy. Secondarily, a tenant of the program required the new car purchased to be more fuel efficient than the car turned in thus reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Electric Is The New Blue

The hum of electric motors might just drown out the roar of the more conventionally powered aircraft at this years Airventure. With an electric ultralight designed by Tom Peghiny and last years green powered star, the Electraflyer-C all on the roster it promises to be a veritable feast of new technology. Wired even took the time point out the potential for innovation at his years event.

Cirrus Split?

I recently wrote about a presentation to the Atlanta Aero Club by Cirrus co-founder Alan Klapmeier. His tone was optimistic and forward-thinking. According to, Klapmeier's forward thinking is reaching even further...he is considering making a push to find investors and split the SF 50 Jet program from the company he founded.

De-Ice Your RV-10 with Therm-X

Van's RV series aircraft are great kit planes. The RV-10 is the 4 place platform that many GA kit builders had been waiting for and it was welcomed with great acclaim. It is well suited to cross country flying, so well suited in fact, that it forces pilots to consider a factor they may not be used to encountering: ice. Inadvertent flight into icing is one of the scariest situations a GA pilot can get into. Our light aircraft aren't usually equipped to deal with it and private pilots probably don't get as much training on dealing with ice as they ought to. Don't worry though, a company called RDD has come up with a way to give RV-10 pilots an option even if they run into unexpected ice.

Backcountry Mail Survives

To be honest I didn't even know they were still delivering mail to the Idaho back-country in aircraft. Although it makes sense, most of the areas in the Frank Church Wilderness are only reachable on foot, horseback or airplane. The airstrips out there are some of the most spectacular and challenging in the country. Turns out the USPS didn't think that the money they were spending on air mail was worth it and canceled the service.

Teledyne Continental Price Reduction

Teledyne Continental motors is offering price reduction of up to $1,500 on some of their new and reconditioned aircraft engines. Not a bad deal, but there's no word on whether they'll be offering any deals on the O-200 that appears in many LSA offerings. Let us know in the comments if you find a deal!!

Is 94 Octane the Way to Go?

The AOPA just reported that Hawker Beechcraft and Teledyne Continental Motors successfully test flew a Beechcraft Bonanza fueled by 94 octane unleaded gas. They both hope that 94 unleaded could be an option for replacing 100LL in the near future.

New Diesel On The Block

Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine announced this Wednesday that they've achieved EASA certification for their AE300 engine. This is great news for Diamond, however, the owners that already have Thielert engines might not find much solace in this announcement. Diamond already has a number of aircraft on the line equipped with the AE300, and is promising a retrofit kit for Thielert owners.

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