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Not everyone can afford an aircraft on their own, which leaves only a few options for getting airborne. There's renting, which is great, except for dealing with sometimes tired rental aircraft. Oh, and fighting with the other renters for that prized Saturday morning flight time. Next is buying into a club, while this is probably a step up from renting you're still fighting with other club members for the prized flight spots and good airplanes. The benefit here is that the club costs are usually much cheaper than renting. Finally you've got a partnership... grab a few like minded aviators and buy yourselves an airplane. This can be easier said than done.

If You're in the Market...

The US Civil Air Patrol takes delivery of a few factory new planes each year in order to keep its fleet young. Every few years, it offers some of its well-loved aircraft for sale to the general public to make room for those younger ones. These planes are usually IFR equipped and are generally in great shape, compared to their contemporaries.

If you're in the market, it's well worth your time to take a look at the CAP Aircraft Sales website and see if any of this year's planes meet your mission.

Lessons Learned From Buying a Plane- #3

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I took the opportunity to go on my first weekend trip in the Champ. My flight home Thanksgiving Day was outstanding with great weather and favorable winds. I knew my luck wouldn’t hold out however.

Lessons Learned From Buying a Plane- Test Pilot

In my second installment of lessons learned in my new airplane I wanted to cover my initial flights in the Champ. I executed a few test pilot tasks to establish the flight characteristics of my Champ.

Lessons Learned From Buying a Plane

In July two retired gentlemen and I bought a 1946 vintage Aeronca Champ. She is a wonderful airplane and flies beautifully; but, I have learned a number of lessons since buying the airplane that I think our readers would find of interest, either as a warning or a future guide. Some of the lessons learned have cost money but the more lasting lessons have scared the crap out of me.

Another Turboprop Hopeful

I recently mentioned a shift toward turboprops, and it turns out Pilatus and Socata aren't the only companies taking advantage that market. According to Aviation Week the Dornier family, makers of many legendary flying boats, has started a new company with plans to produce an old design of theirs: the Seastar.

Cessna's New Look

Cessna Aircraft Company took a step in the right direction today... they've finally redesigned their website. If you've had to surf the site before you probably noticed a rather convoluted site map. Clicking on aircraft would take you to a different domain, and sometimes to a different site altogether. The new site gets a thumbs up from us, offering simple and intuitive navigation matched with Web 2.0 upgrades you'd expect from a big company. We've only got one question... what took ya so long?

You Know the Times Are Rough When...

I've been surprised for the past couple years that with gas prices rising so much, aircraft manufacturers continue to equip their planes with large engines that burn an increasingly rare fuel. There doesn't even appear to be any visible effort by engine companies to develop an alternative. I decided that the people wealthy enough to make payments on a $400,000+ aircraft wouldn't mind a few-dozen extra dollars per hour in fuel costs since they may have just quit feeding a pair of turbojets. Maybe the hefty hourly fee charged by companies like SATS Air is nothing compared to the hourly operating costs on their previous aircraft. Maybe I'm wrong though...or maybe times are just getting that bad.

According to, Cirrus Design just laid-off 102 workers.

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