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Seawind a Step Closer

This summer I mentioned that Seawind stands a good chance of making a comeback. I just received another newsletter from Seawind's Richard Silva announcing that they have nearly reached their financing requirements...they only need $800,000 more to finish development of the aircraft.

My Kind of Summer Vacation

So what did you do for your summer vacation? I willing to bet the answer to that question wasn't build an airplane... unless you're one of the lucky teens that took part in a two week course at the Glasair factory in Washington state. These whiz kids were part of a program associated with, an organization dedicated to helping kids with math and science skills through building aircraft. Check out their website and you can get a look at some of the aircraft being built across the country. Now that's my kind of summer school!!!

Diamond Still Working Solutions

There was quite a bit of fuss earlier this summer over the insolvency (bankruptcy) of TAE (Thielert)...the manufacturer of the diesel engines for Diamond Aircraft's DA-42 Twin Star. The economy offered by the Twin Star's great design and its super-efficient engines revolutionized twin piston training and stood to influence the entire piston aircraft market.

Diamond, being a proactive company announced that it would deal with the problems by "simply" producing their own diesel engines, something they'd been working on for a while. I hadn't heard anything in a while, so I snooped around and was turned on to the following by an article.

New Member of the Family

The staff here at AviationBull would like to congratulate one of our writers on the recent addition to his family!!! Jon just became the proud parent of an Aeronca Champ. Picture of the bouncing baby blue airplane are included below for your ogling pleasure.

Jon's AirplaneJon's Airplane

Jon, we wish you many happy landings!!!

Seawind is Making a Comeback

Would you like to take three friends and cruise at 147 knots in a piston single burning 12.8 GPH? If so, would you be even more interested if you could do that in an amphibian aircraft? If you're still saying yes, then you'll be happy to hear that the Seawind 300C is back on track toward production!

Airplane Price Bubble Burst?

Mac McClellan with Flying Magazine has written a great article chronicling what he see as an Airplane price bubble in used aircraft in the last 30 years.

Flying on a Full Tank?

I was looking through some of my old issues of AOPA magazine when I found an article that has become nearer and dearer to our pocketbooks since the recent rise in fuel prices. In the December 2005 issue, Chip Wright wrote an article entitled "Fill 'er up?" about how general aviation has a tendency to always take off with a full tank of fuel, even when our planned flight doesn't require all the fuel on board. Wright's article gave extensive reasons why the airlines don't carry full fuel on every flight but came up short in explaining why general aviation should carry full fuel on every flight.

Jilted Thielert Owners Unite

With the troubles at Thielert slowly coming to a head, current engine owners are banding together to take action. At the center of this is the THielert ENgine Owners Group (THENOG), where engine owners are getting together to mount some sort of action. Their approach is to establish the cumulative value of their combined engine warranties, earning them a spot on the german insolvency board as a creditor. This would give them some clout in recouping their engines lost value.

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