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Here's How to Get to Your Favorite Fishing Hole

Fly Rod... Check, Hip Waders... Check, Remote Fishing Hole... Check, Piper Super Cub... Check.

Cirrus Raising the Bar

If you navigate directly to the Cirrus Website, you'll be shown a short video about the newest version of the SR-22, the Perspective. With the same engine and airframe as before, it's the Garmin avionics that make this version special.

Yes, you read it correctly. Garmin avionics in a Cirrus aircraft.

ADS-B and Next Generation

There has been some talk recently about the new Automatic Dependant Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B) program which is the major technology behind the FAA’s Next Generation air traffic control system and is slated to replace/ revolutionize air traffic control equipment in the next 10 to 15 years. I wanted to put out the information I’ve dug up so far and see what opinion our readers have for the new system

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself...

Diamond Aircraft has had planes sitting on the assembly line waiting for engines for a couple weeks. Since Thielert started having issues, Diamond was been worrying about filling orders and customer support for their diesel-equipped DA-40 and DA-42 aircraft. It looks like a solution to these issues is at hand.

Forget Biofuel...How About Plain Electricity?

Pipistrel is in the news again for coming up with innovative solutions and designing efficient aircraft. This time, has an article about Pipistrel's electric motor-powered Taurus. Looking beyond the simplicity of an aircraft that doesn't need to worry about fuel, carbeurators, exhaust, etc., Smartplanet likes the fact that this aircraft has the potential to be "carbon-neutral."

Cessna's NGP Facing Identity Crisis

Cessna announced at Sun n Fun last week that their "Next Generation Piston" aircraft has changed its name to "Next Generation Propeller."

Cessna Picking Up Where Columbia Left Off

As I took my first walk down the line at the show, one aircraft immediately caught my eye: a sleek, low-wing single next to a Skyhawk and a Skylane at the Cessna tent. I stopped by right away and got to enjoy the first public showing of the Cessna 400 (formerly Columbia 400.)

VLJ for Sale on Ebay

As I was looking at Ebay this afternoon I came across a VLJ up for bid. It's a Maverick Twin Jet that is very low time. It has a lot of nice features, some interesting characteristics, and multiple options available on it.

In the spirit of Ebay "Good luck and happy bidding."

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