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Chinese Manufacturing Trend Continues

Looks like Cessna isn't the only company to make the move towards the growing Chinese aviation market. Liberty Aircraft has announced that they will build their XL2 in china as well. The Liberty deal does differ significantly in one important aspect though, the aircraft built by the Chinese company Anyang Angel Aero Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (3A for short), will stay in China.

Ultralights as Relief Aircraft

Peter Cheney, from the Globe and Mail, points out an interesting venture being undertaken by aviation enthusiast Bill Lishman. Bill gained recognition, and almost an Oscar, for his story about leading Canadian Geese south for the winter using his ultralight. In the film entitled "Fly Away Home" Bill is portrayed flying his Cosmos ultralight from Canada to the southern U.S. and it is his familiarity with this type of flying that has inspired his latest idea. He plans to use these same type of ultralights to drop supplies to people stranded by natural disasters or hurting from widespread famine.

SkyCatcher to be Manufactured in China

Cessna Aircraft Company has chosen Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) as the sole source supplier of their new model 162 SkyCatcher. The announcement was made after a deal was inked today in Beijing. SAC has other notable customers including Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier, so they're definitely not newcomers to the aviation marketplace. It should be interesting to see how buyers react to this development, if at all. With so many options in the Light Sport Aircraft market and not a great deal of differentiation, manufacturing outside the U.S. might be seen as a drawback to some.

Help LSAs, Win Some Cash

I found mention on GA News of a survey that Sport Air USA is doing to get an update on the LSA market. The survey took me 8 minutes (with distractions) and the only personal info they ask for is your email address. They only need that because they offer one $1000 and three $100 prizes for taking the survey. Not a bad deal.

Cirrus SRS joins LSA market

Increasing the support and potential of the LSA market, Cirrus Design unveiled their Light Sport Aircraft at Oshkosh this summer.

Pipistrel LSA Wins 5 of 7 Awards in NASA Challenge

Over two years ago, NASA and the Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation announced a challenge to see who would come up with the most efficient Personal Air Vehicle (PAV.) The first competition took place this August with a single aircraft producing some amazing results.

Cessna Places its Bet on Light Sport Aircraft

After displaying a proof of concept for a Cessna LSA at Oshkosh the year before, Cessna officially rolled out the C-162 Skycatcher this July. This aircraft could serve as a long overdue replacement to the aging C-150/152 training fleet. There is some concern that it is priced higher than it's competitors and offers a low useful load, but the Cessna name carries a lot of weight in aviation.

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