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Leave it to Paradise to Keep Me Positive...

I've been writing about some pretty heavy aviation issues lately. Aviation is a very important freedom to me and there are definitely some forces out there threatening it right now. As important as aviation is for commerce and industry, I feel about airplanes like Disney's Captain Jack Sparrow feels about ships. ( has the quote.)

Thankfully, there's at least one company out there that helps me remember this: Paradise Aircraft.

Remos GX Lands Next AOPA Sweepstakes

In a surprise announcement at the Aviation Summit in Tampa this week, the AOPA announced that their 2010 Sweepstakes aircraft will be none other than a Remos GX.

It seems to me that this is a major coup in the LSA market. Though there are close to a hundred models of LSAs on the market, the competition for the top few spots is pretty fierce. Remos has recently advanced in the rankings, giving Flight Design a run for their money. By offering a Remos GX as the AOPA Sweepstakes aircraft, the company just scored themselves a load of free advertising and hype. The "Fun to Fly" Remos, N210FN, will be mentioned in every magazine, newsletter and promotion that AOPA puts out for the next year.

SeaMax - 10 Years of Amphibian LSA

If you're looking for a proven, fun S-LSA that you can take anywhere you should know that you don't have to wait. SeaMax USA has the perfect aircraft for instant gratification of your desires. They just announced the start of their 10th anniversary celebrations. Their M22 is a certified S-LSA and there are 98 of them flying all over the world.

Who Does Kirk Hawkins Think He Is?

I've seen fit to mention the Icon A5 on this website several times. It looks to be an innovative, versatile aircraft and Icon seems to be doing a very thorough job with its development. Unfortunately, I've been hearing some troubling language attributed to Icon's CEO Kirk Hawkins lately. I'm not sure if he's looking out for the best interests of aviation any more.

According to the AOPA, "Hawkins throws arguments about GA's role as a business tool out the window." He doesn't want anyone to consider the utility of an aircraft that can be stored in the garage and launched from a local boat ramp. If airplanes aren't tools, then what do we have them for?

While browsing The Guardian, I found out that Hawkins has his aircraft for sale in this year's Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. Selling an airplane in a catalog!? Who is he trying to reach...people looking for a fun and unique present?

Switchblade makes it into Flying

I'm a big fan of Flying Magazine. It's been around for a long time and covers every corner of aviation. I've always figured that if an aircraft makes it into Flying it's likely a serious effort, if not a building success story.

A recent issue of Flying had a bit about the Samson Motorworks Switchblade, a flying motorcycle being developed for the LIght Sport Aircraft market.

Kitfox SLSA Flight Brief

I stumbled on this great overview of the new Kitfox ready built SLSA. The folks at Kitplanes put together this video detailing some of the great features of this new entry into the market. I didn't know that SkyStar Aircraft, the previous owners of Kitfox design, had started to explore Part 23 certification of their S-7 kit. This means that much of the Kitfox design has undergone very stringent testing, a definite bonus for any one looking to buy!!

Our Most "Clicked" Light Sport Aircraft

We've been working on getting a little more insight into what aircraft models peak the interest of our readers while surfing through the light sport aircraft comparison page. So far the far and away leader is the Sky Arrow 600 Sport with about 1,500 clicks to date. I must admit this came as a bit of a surprise to me, I assumed that one of the larger manufacturers would have walked away with this. The Sky Arrow has a very respectable following from law enforcement and as an airborne platform for experiments.

Cheetah XLS Scores SLSA Certification

The Cheetah XLS just became the latest SLSA to gain certification and we couldn't be more excited for them. Jason and I had a chance to explore the Cheetah at this years Airventure and we were very impressed with the airplane.

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