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Production SkyCatcher Flies

Cessna announced yesterday that the first SkyCatcher manufactured with production tooling took flight in Shenyang China. This is a major milestone for an aircraft that has been plagued by delays and troubles in flight testing. Despite these issues Cessna has received somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 orders for it's first SLSA offering, making it one of the most highly anticipated aircraft out there.

LSA Comparison Page Needs Your Help!!!

Our LSA Comparison Page is easily the most popular destination at the AviationBull domain. Sometimes it even surpasses our homepage for daily viewings, so we were extremely pleased to see it cross the 10K views point. While this is peanuts compared to most blogs where even the smallest post garners that much attention, it's a milestone for our little slice of the blogosphere.

Fit and Finish

The Icon Aircraft booth at this years Airventure was easily the most popular stop on the Tour de Light Sport Aircraft. Situated towards the main gate, the foot traffic at their display was impressive. The spread consisted of a scale mock up and the flight demo model on a trailer. They pulled the flight demo out a couple of times to execute the rather ingenious wing folding mechanism that reminded me of the Stemme motorglider... only easier to operate.

Ayerscraft Solo - a Legend Reborn?

I was literally walking toward the exits on my way out of of Airventure when I ran across a display that was even more eye-catching than the Cheetah XLS. I saw a new, sleek single-place aircraft with a price tag under $20,000.

Yes, you aren't seeing things. $20K for a new, production aircraft. Intrigued? So was I.

Cheetah XLS - Finally an Affordable LSA?

Ted and I had just started cruising the LSA Mall at Airventure when we noticed a plane we'd never seen before sitting next to a sign that said: $48,000. Naturally, we had to stop and take a look...

The aircraft turned out to be the Cheetah XLS made by a South African company called Rainbow Aircraft. The price we saw was a show special. The normal base price is $52,950 and the US distributor is Midwest Sport Aviation.

Teledyne Continental Officially Announces O-200 "Lightweight"

Teledyne Continental just sent us a press release about their newest engine, the O-200 Lightweight. Apparently different than that O-200D announced for the C-162 Skycatcher, this motor is also intended for the light sport aircraft market.

Look Like Fun?

The latest newsletter from Icon Aircraft has some great pictures and exciting news in it. In spite of tough economic times, they are continuing to make progress on development of their A5 amphibian LSA and they have secured 400 orders.

Plexiglass + BMW = Fun

Check out the forward visibility on this little number. The Isatis 01 pairs a BMW motorcycle engine with some pretty killer plexiglass work to make an exciting light aircraft. The French manufacturer, AeroJames has placed the engine behind the pilot allowing for additional forward visibility. The engine, a 1200cc BMW motorcycle engine, is mated to the propeller via a carbon fiber shaft.

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