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Cirrus "Suspends" SRS LSA Development

Cirrus Aircraft announced this past week that they are suspending development of their LSA offering. The SRS light sport aircraft is based on a Polish design and promised some pretty decent specs, stacking up well against the competition. Cirrus cites possible changes to the standards governing LSA manufacturing, and while that may be so I tend to think the conservative approach comes in the wake of an economic downturn. Not to mention the recent NTSB warnings and the trouble's Cessna has had in the flight testing of their SkyCatcher LSA.

Zodiac Under Fire

The Zenith CH-601XL (Zodiac) is coming under some intense fire from the NTSB and others. In a letter dated 14 April 2009, the NTSB is urging the FAA to "prohibit" further flight in the aircraft. Those are some pretty strong words from an agency that doesn't often recommend grounding airplanes. The agency cites 6 incidents and 10 fatalities in their report.

Arty's Ultimate Ultralight Adventure

Some pilots might look at the Maxair Drifter and ask, "where's the rest?" Others take one look and see a front-row ticket to fun and adventure. I think I fall into that second group and I'm pretty sure that Arty Trost does too. The AOPA pointed me to a recent article about Arty making a stop in Beaumont Texas recently. An ultralight (E-LSA) flying around Texas..."so what" you ask? Well, she started in Oregon...she's flying to Sun 'n Fun and then she's flying home. What a great aviation adventure to undertake!

Keeping an Eye on Paradise

The last time I wrote about Paradise, it was all about Dylan Redd and his new P-1 SP. He's out enjoying his plane, but Paradise Aircraft hasn't stopped working. They've come up with a few surprises for us. Read on for more...

SkyBike Redesign: 200 Pounds Lighter, Side-by-Side seating

Late last year, I wrote about a company called Samson Motorworks that is designing a "roadable aircraft" motorcycle. Their original SkyBike had telescoping wings, tandem seating and very sleek lines. They've since refined their design and the result (called the SwitchBlade) looks just as exciting as the original SkyBike, but ought to give even better performance.

Terrafugia Takes Off

From the Terrafugia Press Release:

Able Flight and the Hansen Air Group

As promised, I'm pleased to take a few minutes to mention two groups that are playing a part in helping people realize the full advantages of the Sport Pilot rule.

Light Aircraft Turboprop?

Another discovery I made at the Sport Aviation Expo was a company called N2 Turbines that is developing a turboprop engine for LSA-sized aircraft and small helicopters. Yes, I said turboprop.

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