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Ecoflyer Tour

Here's a video tour of the massive Ecoflyer LSA courtesy of Avweb. I know it's a little late but enjoy it anyway.

Amphibian LSA Christmas News

In case you can't tell, amphibious LSAs get me excited. I haven't flown any yet, but plan to change that. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them at the Sport Aviation Expo coming up in January. Two of the new Amphibian LSA manufacturers sent us Christmas press releases with some pictures and other goodies. I'd like to pass some of those treats off to you:

Paradise Aircraft Developments

Christopher Regis of Paradise Aircraft has let me know about a couple of exciting developments involving their P-1 light sport aircraft. First, they've named an Arizona company, Sport Plane Dynamics as a distributor for their aircraft. (The website is still under construction, but they're excited about the aircraft they offer!)

The other piece of news about Paradise is they are releasing a new version of their P-1 soon.

Sport Pilot Rule Comes Through for Jessica Cox!

The beauty of the Sport Pilot rule is that it makes flying possible for many healthy people who just don't qualify for an official (and expensive) FAA medical certificate. As reports, 25 year old Jessica Cox is a perfect example of this. She recently received her Sport Pilot rating flying an Ercoupe that qualifies as a Light Sport Aircraft. What makes this special and why did she choose an Ercoupe? She was born with no arms.

Black Friday Aircraft Deals

Okay, so it's a little past Friday but I couldn't resist. ANN is reporting that AirGyro is cutting the price of their Outback 2 LSA by $14K for the next four aircraft. Apparently with the current economic turmoil the US dollar has gained ground against the Australian dollar. AirGyro has taken advantage of this and negotiated a lower price for the Aussie built Outback which is produced in four aircraft blocks.

MMV: A New Class of Aircraft?

I wrote not long ago about a hybrid car/airplane, called the Terrafugia Transition, being developed for the Light Sport Aircraft category. I was pretty impressed by the idea, and it turns out that another company out there is trying a variation on the same theme. As AOPA's Tom Haines discusses in a recent blog, a company called Sampson Motorworks is designing a flying motorcycle.

Finnair's Future

Finnair is using its 85th birthday as an excuse to get a little creative. They've authored a site called Departure 2093 that projects what aviation will look like into the year 2093. The renderings are obviously a bit fantastic, but I think they're worth a study.

New LSA Engine Comparison Page

Following in the theme of our popular LSA comparison page, we've implemented the same changes on our LSA Engine comparison page. The page now features more robust coding to include sortable columns, and a freshness date. If you notice a missing entry or have some updated information please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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