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License Plate For Your Airplane

The Terrefugia Transition is fighting to become a truly unique "roadable" aircraft, but first they've got to get a license plate... Yup, apparently the folks in Massachusetts needed a little convincing before they issued the company the plate. It seems that this is something you don't see everyday.

Just When You Thought That LSA Designers Couldn't Get More Creative...

I happened upon Core77 and found a blog about the most unique LSA that I have seen under development so far. The Terrafugia Transition is being developed as an LSA flying car.

Zenith Aircraft's New Light Sport Model: CH-750

I first learned about Zenith Aircraft's line of STOL kitplanes on a trip to Silver Sky Aviation. I was amazed at the performance numbers the CH-701 claimed, though admittedly skeptical. Then I started watching videos like this one:

Icon A5 on Discovery Channel

It's not the weekend yet, but I couldn't wait to post this video. The Discovery Channel produced this one. It's a pretty exciting way of presenting Light Sport Aircraft in general, not to mention the Icon A5 itself.

Tecnam Landing Performance

One of our readers posted a comment suggesting that there are some pretty spectacular LSA's out there besides those offerings from Cirrus and Cessna and we agree. After a little poking around I found this video demonstrating the great performance of the Tecnam P92 Echo. All that and you can already buy one :)

Cirrus SRS Report

We've noticed a huge amount of interest in Cirrus Design's entry into the light sport market, the SRS. The plane, based on the German Fk-14 Polaris, looks sleek and fun enough to be a Cirrus. The only problem with it is that Cirrus is so busy with other projects that they haven't published a lot of information about their new aircraft. While searching for updates, I came across an Aero-News Network podcast about the SRS. A fair amount of this information is already out there, but it's fun to hear it from some primary sources.

SkyCatcher Crashes Adds to Rough Weekend for Aviation

Both Aviation Week and the Wichita Eagle report that one of Cessna's C-162 SkyCatcher prototypes crashed yesterday. Thankfully, the test pilot was able to parachute to safety.

Comparison Page Upgrade

You may have noticed a slight change in the Light Sport Aircraft Comparison Page here at AviationBull. In our pursuit of a useful resource in the hunt for an LSA we discovered that updating our page was becoming exceedingly cumbersome. With that in mind we redesigned the page to be a list of content rather than just a table. This is designed to be relatively transparent to the user, however, if you've found something missing please let us know via the contact page.

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